About Revente

A Force for Good

Revente, or, ‘resale’ in French, sells curated contemporary fashion and uncommonly cool gifts in an upscale setting. With a hybrid assortment of both used and new merchandise, sold in a beautiful environment, it is a fresh concept meant to prove a new model for success in the resale world.

Revente is a focused force for good, not just a fashion boutique. Founded by a Marin mother of three who spent twenty-five years in corporate merchandising and finance, Revente has an exciting and relevant three-part mission statement.


1 Support the circular economy:

- REduce (the waste and pollution caused by the apparel industry, heightened by the proliferation of fast fashion)

- REuse (optimize the apparel, accessories, and footwear resale market)

- REcycle (focus on designers who share a similar philosophy and who use recycled materials and components) 


2 Provide a superlative customer experience with unique features:

- Offer the client a clear and concise fashion point of a view with a singular focus on the best contemporary fashion 

- Provide a shopping environment unlike any other resale store with a beautiful and clean aesthetic, including a relaxing color palette, great music, a lounge area, soft lighting, scented candles, and breezy décor

- Help the client maximize her time with apparel merchandised by size instead of by category; bays are constructed by size and outfit so the customer can easily cherry pick a top, bottom, a knit, footwear, and a handbag all in one bay

- Keep prices simple via price consistency within a brand (i.e., all denim from designer A is $38) and a narrow price range within a category (all swim is $68-$88)


3 Activate community partnerships:

- Source local design talent for both permanent and temporary (trunk show) opportunities

- Focus on public school districts for fundraising and donation activities

- Offer store as event space for charitable causes, and corporate events or personal events


Recent Press

Featured in Marin Magazine, August 2019:

Committed to the circular economy, Marin mom Marian Revente’s Marian McNaughton McNaughton launched Revente (“resale” in French) in Greenbrae’s Bon Air Center. The stock includes new, used and upcycled contemporary fashion and gifts. 

Featured in the Marin Independent Journal, May 2019:

Revente Offers Old and New with a Mission to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Marian McNaughton wants to switch up the idea of shopping in Marin with the launch of Revente Boutique, her pop-up shop in Greenbrae’s Bon Air Center.

“The store is a hybrid resale-and-new concept,” she says. “The apparel, footwear and some bags are resale, and the home decor, jewelry, gifts, beauty and swimwear is new.”

McNaughton, who recently relocated with her family to Corte Madera from Los Angeles, spent 25 years in corporate merchandising and finance.

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, she lived in New York City for 17 years where she worked for Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Vera Wang.

Revente, or “resale” in French, is a small but focused force for good, she says, not just a fashion boutique. It’s informed by a three-part mission. She wants Revente Boutique to support the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle while providing a superlative customer experience.

Home décor and fashion are sold at Revente Boutique, a hybrid new-and-resale shop in Greenbrae.

For example, she’s designed the space with a clean aesthetic, a lounge area, soft lighting and scented candles.

“Bays are constructed by size and outfit so the customer can easily cherry-pick a top, bottom, a knit, footwear and a handbag all in one bay,” she says.

She’s also kept prices the same within a brand and within a narrow range for a category such as swimwear, which is between $68 and $88.

All home décor items are new, but because of her mission of sustainability, McNaughton sourced a number of niche vendors who share her similar philosophy.

McNaughton also seeks to encourage community partnerships whether for public school fundraisers, special event space or showcasing local designers.

While McNaughton does not accept consignment, she does offer closet makeovers, personal wardrobe services and private shopping hours.

Revente Boutique is at 160 Bon Air Center in Greenbrae. Call 628-240-3748 or go to reventeboutique.com.